How Does Steinbeck Characterize Kino's Greed

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The Pearl When one has too much wealth, it brings greed to them, or even worse. John Steinbeck the famous American author wrote the Novella, The Pearl. In The Pearl John Steinbeck shows how one can go corrupt from their own greed. Kino finds the pearl of the world and everyone is informed in a small amount of time. Throughout the novella, Kino’s importance of life changes, while he’s to cope with his internal conflicts. At the beginning of the story, Kino sees and values his family and boat as the most important things in life. “And this was part of the family song too. It was all part… this is safety, this is warmth, this is whole (Steinbeck, 3). This quote shows that Kino feels safe and comfortable with his family. Also, this quote shows that he does not need anything else except for his family. “...To Kino’s canoe, which was the one thing he valued in the world (steinbeck, 14). This quote shows that Kino cares for his boat very much. This proves that Kino loves and values his boat just like it was his family. As Kino feels the values of the pear, it starts to change what he values in life.…show more content…
“...a thousand pesos was not to be thrown away. It was comparative wealth to a man who was not wealthy. Only yesterday he had nothing (Steinbeck, 50). This quote shows the beginning of Kino’s greed and changing thoughts. Also, this quote proves Kino’s innocence is starting to disappear as the money starts to appear. “For his dream of the future is real and never to be betrayed… (Steinbeck, 53). This evidence shows that nothing will stand in Kino’s way. The quote also shows that Kino wants for his family's future to become reality and it was not to be destroyed. Kino shows change as he began to know how powerful the pearl would be for him, he begins to shows change when the priest visits because the priest would never visit

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