Anorexia Nervosa Research Paper

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Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is one of the most interesting disorders in my opinion because a person can look in the mirror and truly see an overweight person when they in fact are severely under weight. It almost seems like they are hallucinating and seeing a totally different figure when in reality their minds are just distorting the image. In the video, the girl looking in the mirror was asked to tell the therapist what she sees and not only did she say “I see someone who is fat” but she also said “someone who is ugly.” There is a lot to say about self-esteem for this disorder in general and not just body weight. My best friend from home in CT whom I grew up with struggled with AN beginning around when we were 12 years old. It’s something that she still…show more content…
About two-thirds of the individuals with eating disorders had one or more lifetime anxiety disorder; the most common were obsessive-compulsive disorder and social phobia (Kaye et. al, 2004). This finding fascinates me because there have been countless times where I have had to de-escalate my best friend from a social situation that she found herself in that was uncomfortable. In the beginning of her college career, she needed motivation and a lot of support in order to go to a social gathering of any kind. Now, she is much more confident and only struggles on occasion with social anxiety. The correlation between her increase in confidence and her improvement of AN is not to be overlooked. I believe that anxiety and social phobia and anorexia are so heavily related because the reason the person is not eating is usually because they don’t like how they look. If the person were to begin eating healthily and not pay attention as much to what others think, then the confidence will go up not because the body shape is different but because the mindset is

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