Achilles Vs Sundiata Research Paper

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According to the definition of a myth is “a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being orhero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or anatural explanation”. Myths have been told for centuries, and are used to answer timeless questions about the world and to help people better understand timeless questions. They tell the story of immortal gods, heroes, and epic adventures. The Homeric epic, The Iliad, and the african story, Sundiata, both provide answers to the timeless question “Does fate control our lives?”. The actions of both Sundiata and Achilles help readers to better understand the respective society’s morals and ethics. Achilles is viewed as a strong and passionate warrior who is vengeful and forceful, while Sundiata is more based off of strategy and wisdom. This shows the greek society favored muscles over knowledge, while the Mali society believed intelligence conquered strength.…show more content…
The beginning of the epic depicts a mysterious hunter warning the king of a prophecy. When Maghan Kon Fatta weds Sologon the fate of the Mali Empire is sealed. When Sologon’s child discovered as being crippled many people doubt the truth in Sundiata becoming a powerful warrior. However, despite his physical limitations, he begins to walk at the age of seven, furthermore proving the accuracy of the hunter’s tale. Not only is fate expressed in prophesies, but the story also features a black bird which acts as an omen of

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