Antigone Reflection

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Sophocles' play Antigone began with two sisters Antigone and Ismene discussing their brothers. Their brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, have killed each other in battle. Eteocles was given a proper burial, but because Polyneices was an outcast at the time, he was thrown outside the city to rot a die without a burial. Antigone was furious that Polyneices was not buried properly so she took the act upon herself. Ismene did not agree to help because their Uncle Creon, the king, had passed a law that whoever buried him would be stoned to death. Antigone continued with her plan and covered her brother in dust, which was just enough to set his soul to rest so that he could go to the underworld. A Sentury came to Creon to report the “burial” of Polyneices. Crean blamed the Sentury for this, but the Sentury later brought in Antigone to report her for the burial. Antigone did not deny that this was her doing. Creon declared that she would be punished even if she was his niece. Creon sent Antigone to a life of banishment. The blind prophet Teiresias convinced Creon to release Antigone, but when they reached her cave she had killed herself. Haimon, the finance of Antigone and son of Creon, was struck with grief and killed himself. Creon felt terrible for what he had done, but was still not willing to take blame for what he had done. When Creon…show more content…
His wife and son had killed themselves. His niece had killed herself, and that was all his fault. In that moment, Creon had realized that his pride had become him. He said, " I have been rash and foolish.” He blamed himself for the death of his wife and son. He realized that he was prideful and that fate had brought this upon him. In that moment, Creon had come to terms with what he had done. He realized his pride and he welcomed the fact that he was wrong. Like all tragic heroes, Creon's part of this story does not end happily. He comes to terms with what he has done and tragically paid the

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