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In the novel Animal Farm, Boxer is my most favorite character in the story because he is portrayed as a diligent, strong, and well-respected horse who is dedicated to the farm. Boxer is described as an enormous beast with tremendous strength two times of an ordinary horse. Among all the other animals, he dedicated his life to the farm more than anybody else has, even though he has a low intelligence with a huge naivety to realize the brute force of Napoleon and his troops. His personality and abilities produce much admiration to the other animals showing he always tries his hardest in everything he does. An example that is provided in the story stated by a maxim he always says, “I will work harder!” (Orwell 29). This maxim was used whenever he is about…show more content…
Animals that heard him shout his maxim were influenced to work more around the farm, and in addition to him aiding them through rough times before the rebellion, he also helped them during Napoleon’s tyranny. Later in the story, which confirms his selflessness is when he collapsed by injuring himself more while still rebuilding the windmill, Boxer replies,”It is my does not matter. I think you will be able to finish the windmill without me.” (119). This quote from him shows how he is not only physically strong, but also mentally strong to act not only for himself ,but of the work that is for the sake of the future of the farm. This shows another trait about him that he is stubborn when being diligent. Knowing that he needs to take care of his health but ignored it instead, then went back to the windmill to accumulate rocks as much as he can before his retirement. No matter how weak he turn to be he will always tries his best to use the remaining strength he has in anyway possible. Another feature about Boxer is that he is respected among all the animals in the farm despite the fact that he is not so

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