The Africans: Nature Of A Continent

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Africa is one of the largest continents, and it has different shoreline such as Indian Ocean, Atlantic ocean, The Red Sea, and The Mediterranean. Throughout history, geographic can play a major role to certain area where people live and they would have to make certain decision to those changes. People who live near the shoreline have good wind pattern and have the benefit of the sea which would increase trades and having good environment for farming. In other part of the region it can be restricted from the outside world because of the distance and diseases that threaten travelers. The people who live in Africa also have to deal with the dry climate which make it difficult for them to produce crop. According to the documentary: “The Africans: Nature of a Continent,” the advancing deserts force people in their community to leave their home because their land are not fertile enough for them to farm. The rain does not reach the crop roots which causes the…show more content…
Some families harvest enough to eat but some do not. As the deserts advances, the cattle is damaging the grass and trees before they can grow. Cattle also die of starvation and lack of water. Another threat to the environment would be local cutting the forest which threaten the lagoon. It causes the water in the lagoon to dry up which threaten the hippopotamus and the local people. With dry land and no rain, the people are forced to travel toward south. When farmers do settle down on to new land they bring the desert with them, threatening the surrounding such as the forest or river. In order for farmers to get fertilizer for their land they would have to cut down trees to burn but in ten years the land would not be rich in fertile. Also the soil is inorganic which lack certain minerals because of the hot weather the organic material slowly
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