'Humanity Vs. Technology In Feed'

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Humanity Vs. Technology c”’ bn Humanity is no longer humans vs humans, it's taken a new approach to technology vs humans. It's the new challenge we as humans have to face individually. Technology can't be trusted, because in the future of society will become too dependent on technology, therefore assisting us in daily activities that one should be able to do self assisted. In today’s world society humanity has not evolved into a technology-based society yet. Although once technology starts to become more advanced people start to become more reliant on their phones and computers every day, but what they don't know is what technology does to the information you give it. In the book feed the people who see how technology controls the person is the government. "Everything we think and feel it's taken by the corporations, mainly data ones like fees, link, onfeed, and American feed war, and they make a special profile." (Anderson 48). The government sees how technology controls the person and they use their weakness to their advantage to make them not see what's actually going on around them. The technology controls the person, but the government controls the technology.…show more content…
Particularly Titus, in the novel “Feed” he stood out the most. Despite his ignorant attitude, he is not independent and his life revolves around technology. Technology targets the younger generations, that way they're able to learn how the systems work faster, and hooks them on technology. Titus is seflish and self-centered and does not care what everyone else thinks of him, because the Feed programmed that in his mind. Titus exclaimed excitedly, "By tomorrow I would be driving to pick up Violet in my own goddamn upcar and suddenly, suddenly, I didn't feel so stupid anymore"( Anderson 118). because how he was getting the newest things to distract him from what's really going on in his

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