Snowball Vs Stalin

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Honors Essay As General George Patton, Jr. said, “Better to fight for something that to live for nothing.” The Book Thief, Night, and Animal Farm are all glorious books that display the fight for freedom, family, and love. The connections between characters, experiences, and actions make these books presented in a way that expresses an intense sentiment for the atrocity described. These stories depict WWII in a way that is realistic and abstract, all a written masterpiece. First, in the book Animal Farm, the infamous Stalin is portrayed by Napoleon the pig. This is evident because he is constantly arguing with Snowball and they never seem to agree. Snowball has ideas about education for all animals by making committees, while Napoleon believes…show more content…
The animals on the farm ‘passionately’ follow him and some find Napoleon as a god. Such as, Boxer who willingly devotes his time to all of Napoleon’s ideas and says, “Napoleon is always right.” This implies that Napoleon has deceived Boxer and he created a fascism government. He built his rule upon the animals simpleminded lives and manipulated the thoughts of everyone to follow Napoleon. Stalin interpreted himself as a righteous person by placing images of himself around young children and claiming that he won WWII. He was tricking everyone into thinking that he was superior and all knowing, wanting to be known for his modesty. Stalin and Napoleon had a talent for twisting the…show more content…
From the likes of Napoleon, he seems like a shy and timid pig, but he is said to always pick a fight with Snowball. This foreshadows Napoleon’s effort to go against anyone to get what he wants. Even if Snowball had a fair idea, Napoleon would disregard it or even urinate on his plans. Also, in the beginning of the story, Napoleon took away Bluebell and Jessie’s puppies so he could give them an “education”. He drives the plot of Animal Farm because these dogs are his guards and are used throughout the story. From the start, he strives to attain power through secrecy. In the middle of the story, Napoleons plan takes into affect. Napoleon uses the dogs that he trained to kick out Snowball. This led to the stability of Napoleon’s reign. It was the climax of the story because it was when Animal Farm changes from a republic to an authoritarian dictatorship. He also changed the rules regarding trading or interacting with humans. This allowed the rise and downfall to their economy. During the end of the story, Napoleon is creating more of an outrage. He executed many animals for something they didn't do but thought it was temptation from Snowball. This led to fewer animals on the farm and more fear of Napoleon. Napoleon grew even stronger in power and acted more like a human being through the close relationships with them. Such as, trading, money, clothes, drinking, and standing

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