The Johnson Family: The Old Haunted House

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Everyone’s heard about the story of the Johnson family, about how they died in the old haunted house. They were featured in the paper, “Great Mystery,” it said, “ Family was found dead but the cause is unknown.” The Johnson family soon became known, showing up in various articles and becoming the story that the people in town would tell for many generations. But no one knows the story of the two girls that came before them nor what happened to the youngest. Eyes blinded, never to find out what I, Mona Anderson had to do to get a loved one back. It all started on a cold day, with a dark aura that was as mystical as the full moon.I convinced my sister, Luna, to come and record a night in the old haunted house that was once home to a woman and her daughters. No one wanted to even glance at this house, since rumors of hauntings traversed through the town. Those who lived by the house moved or locked themselves in their own home with only, a bible and their beliefs to keep them sane. Spending a night at this house could boost up my reputation, I’d be known as the one who was brave enough to play with evil itself. Using the footage,I’d have proof, sending me to a shower of fame. Luna knew that it…show more content…
I heard a click, but it was only two people, so I waited for the last one. They roamed the house like I once did, two days ago, hoping to find a way out. Click. Could it be? Did the last daughter finally arrive? “Mom? Bella? Where are you guys.” Bingo. “Hello?” I said as I stepped out of my hiding spot, “ Who are you? Are of them?” I looked down and saw a little girl,” Are you gonna help us get out of here?I’m scared,” she said, tears rushing down her face. “Oh gosh,” i thought, “What did i get myself into? Think Mona! Think!Say something!” I looked at her straight in the eyes, “I don’t know honey, I’m scared too. Maybe I could join you guys. After all...there’s safety in numbers,

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