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Animal Farm is a dystopian and metaphorical political satire. I chose this story for my Independent Book Project becauses it is hailed as a classic, and I am very intrigued by the history of communism. This story uses the setting of a farm to tell a satire of the Russian Revolution and Russia being ruled by Joseph Stalin, a dictator. Many real life figures are portrayed as animals on the farm to help outsiders better understand what happened. The characters in this story are Old Major, a boar who fuels an overthrow of the farm's human owner. He is based off of Karl Marx, who is one of the people credited for the start of communism, and Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution. Napoleon, another boar, is based off of Joseph Stalin. He is the main antagonist, and the…show more content…
Napoleon also takes young puppies away from their mothers at birth, and eventually uses them as his security. Napoleon and Snowball, another pig, constantly clash in ideas and thoughts. Snowball is based off of Leon Trotsky, a revolutionary Marxist. The pigs are generally the leaders of the farm, as they are regarded as the smartest animals on the farm. The original owner of the farm, Mr. Jones, is a drunk who often forgets to feed the farm animals, and when he does, he barely feeds them at all, one of the main reasons that fuels the revolution. He is based on Tsar Nicholas II, who was the last emperor of Russia before being abdicated and the switch from a monarchy to communism. The farm also serves home to horses and donkeys. Boxer, a loyal cart horse, does much of the hard work on the farm. He is quite naive and one of the hardest workers on the farm, remaining loyal through the entirety of the story. Mollie, a self indulged white mare who leaves soon after the fall of Mr. Jones, much like those who left Russia after the switch to communism. Benjamin, a donkey, is onw of the oldest and wisest on the

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