Uncivilized Death Penalty

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circumstances which determine if a crime (usually murder) is eligible for a death sentence are defined by statute and are prescribed by Congress or any state legislature” (Capital Punishment). Civilized societies, whether they like it or not, have an uncivilized, and unsociable element, who often prey on the civilized element, in which case they, and their families become victims, in need of justice. To deny justice for the victim would be most uncivilized, and a double injustice for them and their families, especially when the victim has been murdered. the victim’s family needs to know that their loved one’s life is valued by society at large, and the senseless taking of that life, will come with a price. Not everyone agrees with capital punishment. Although there is strong support across the U.S. Gallop (2013) a strong sixty three percent are in favor of the death penalty , that leaves thirty-seven percent opposed. Reasons against he death penalty vary; one…show more content…
As a young man, I was a death penalty supporter. Then I spent years as a prosecutor and pursued dangerous felons in court, including murderers (...) I saw people who were poorly served by their counsel. I saw people wrongly accused or mistakenly identified. I saw discrimination. In bearing witness to those things, I came to believe that doing away with the death penalty was the only way to ensure it would not be unfairly imposed”(as cited in Rottenberg , 2013, p.1).In this case the prosecution has the responsibility to stop their proceedings, drop the case, or declare a mistrial. If new laws need to be enacted to cover such instances, than every effort needs to be made to make that happen, but it would be wrong, and a miscarriage of justice to
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