The American Revolution: Most Important Period In History

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General Lee 4 The American Revolution The American Revolution was one of the most important periods in history. It forced Americans to reevaluate their customs and values, as they wanted to break away from the British government. America experienced drastic change as a result of its sudden break from British rule. After the conflict, the colonists chose how they wanted to be governed; it indicated the true beginning of America. Without the British government to address issues, Americans were faced with creating a new government, manage varying religious and social patterns, and create an independent economy; they controlled their own destiny. Politically, Americans struggled with the relinquishing of British power in terms of creating a new government as well as establishing normalcy. Post-Britain America based its government around what the British could not do. The colonial rebellion initiated due to a clash of economic interests between the colonies and Britain (T.H Breen 129). The desire among the colonies for self-government ultimately led Americans into creating a monarch-less government. America’s new government centered its agenda around the people. An essay states, “in the heroic…show more content…
Long years of persecuting Native Americans seemed to diminish because of the agreement made between the Native Americans and the colonists. The colonists ultimately ended up violating the agreement. The Native Americans took different paths, some choosing armed resistance while others opted for assimilation. Native Americans continued to adjust, adapt, and carve an independent world for themselves in the United States (Calloway 186). The Native Americans agreed to the colonist’s treaty and the colonists proceeded to violate the agreement. This ultimately impacted relations between the United States and Native Americans as peace was never truly developed, even to this
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