Animal Farm Power Quotes

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C. This quote relates to the first essential question of how the desire for power can corrupt social ideals. In this case Napoleon’s desire for power by the use of dictatorship and fear corrupts the social ideals of the value of life shown by his constant killing for the smallest of deeds against his beliefs. D. A connection that could be made with the real world is the Al Qaeda. The constantly heard of the terrorist group called Al Qaeda brutally murders anyone who comes in their way or believes differently or does differently than them. This is similar to the book where Napoleon kills lots of the animals for not doing like he did and had not possessed the same beliefs as him. Chapter 8 (86) – “Napoleon himself, attended by his dogs and his cockerel, came down to inspect the completed work; he personally…show more content…
A real world example of this could be if a family had lost a loved on and had told somebody younger in the family it was an accident when it truly wasn’t but are told that because of their lack of comprehending the situation at such a young age. This however in contract from the book is not bad because it may harm the child if told the truth about a death for they can understand accidents better and may be less scaring to them at a young age. Chapter 10 (118) - “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” A. This quote is read by Benjamin to Clover upon request. The situational status is Clover wanting to know what the only commandment said that was left on the wall in which they stood in front of. It is said right before the pigs began to emerge walking on 2 feet. B. This quote is important to the novel because it highlights the corruption and hypocrisy in Animal Farm. Animal farm is meant to be a free and an equal community however is seen to only give power to a select few. Also emphasizing it is the last commandment in existence shows how much power was in the hands of Napoleon to manipulate the minds of Animal
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