Power Of Words In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Words are impactful, powerful, and forceful. Words should be chosen precisely because if not, one's or another's’ life could change dramatically. Words are something people often look over and take for granted because people do not see words as a possible threat to one’s reputation, but one word can do just that. Throughout the story, Animal Farm by George Orwell, Orwell has a central message to the audience that “words have power.” He gives numerous examples that words are powerful through his characters in this story. Napoleon’s words affected his impression to both sides of the animal farm;some positively and some negatively, as well as Boxer’s positive words and hardworking spirit. Throughout the story, Animal Farm, Orwell’s characters illustrate the true meaning of the power of words. In Animal Farm, Snowball creates a proposal to build a windmill to help better the chances for survival without Mr. Jones.…show more content…
Although Napoleon shows the negative side of “the power of words,”Napoleon also shows the positive side of this phrase. Throughout this story, Napoleon continues to grow as a leader and makes decisions based on what he thinks is right. Through this, the animals feel like their farm is a growing success because there is a person leading them, and making decisions to better the farm. It makes the animals feel safe when there is someone over them, making sure everything is going smoothly. When the windmill failed again, Napoleon decided to attempt to solve this “Napoleon was well aware of the bad results that might follow if the real facts of the food situation were known, and he decided to make use of Mr. Whymper to spread a contrary impression”(67). This quote gives an example when Napoleon made the rest of the animals feel like they were being taken care of, so it made most of the animals like the way Napoleon was taking on the role of the
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