What Do Humans Make Humans

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Humans are unlike any other species on earth. There are many unique traits and characteristics that only humans show. While there are many differences between humans and other species, feelings are a central part of what separates humans. Distinct attributes such as happiness, compassion, and disgust are the most apparent feelings displayed. What makes us human, is having the capability to express feelings and emotions. Happiness, an emotional state of “being happy” is something that only a human aspires to feel. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, and one of the greatest thinkers in history, believed that happiness was the central purpose of life. Although humans have been known to treat their pets as humans, and further believe that their pets can feel happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, among other feelings, most would…show more content…
An animal cannot feel the happiness a human feels like when a human does something good for someone else. I see they are happy, and in return it makes me happy. Animals do not share their thanksgiving dinners, or collect toys for kids in need over Christmas. Humans do. Humans do it because it makes them feel happy inside. Seeing a child have the toy they wished for made their wish come true and this makes me and other humans feel happy. Humans express feelings of happiness when they get a promotion at work, they get an “A” on a test, they win the lottery. Only humans can express a feeling of happiness and only a human can detect the feeling of happiness. Happiness is a unique emotion which makes us human. Only humans have the ability to show true compassion towards another. Only humans can feel such compassion for another that a human would put the other’s need before their own. Feeling ‘compassion’ for another is defined as a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another suffering. As supported by Merriam-Webster, compassion is a
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