Essay On Black History Month

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Some African Americans don’t agree with Black History Month. Black History Month is the month of February. According to CNN Student News One-Sheet: Black History Month, it is a “nationwide celebration that provides the opportunity for all Americans to reflect on the significant roles that African-Americans have played in the shaping of U.S. history.” Dr. Carter G. Woodson is the “Father of Black History” and was given most of the credit for Black History Month. At first back history was celebrated the second week of February because “it marks the birthdays of two men… Frederick Douglass (February 14) … and President Abraham Lincoln (February 12) …” (CNN Student News One-Sheet: Black History Month) Black History Month is no longer necessary…show more content…
history. In most U.S. history textbooks African-Americans are referred to as slaves. According to Black History Month: Bridge racial divides By Donna Brazile, it says “Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the immeasurable contributions the African-American community has made to the United States of America.” Some people don’t take time to learn African-American history and Black History Month gives a reason to learn the history. According to “Concerns raised over Black History Month lesson at Colchester school” By Kaitlyn Naples, it says “‘It is not about race baiting, opening up old wounds or causing problems, it’s the same as trying to teach any type of history,’ Fletcher said.” At Bacon Academy in Colchester a display was put up to teach students African-American history during Black History Month. According to “Students react to controversial Black History Month display at high school,” it says “‘I think it’s very important that the history is properly documented and displayed and that young people understand what black people had to go through.’” Understanding what black people had to go through is truly decisive. Black History Month is still necessary because it’s about African-American history and community and it’s part in U.S.
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