Ancient East Asia Religion

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There contains much resemblance in between ancient East Asia and the ancient Middle East, when it comes to their relationship of religion and societal order. Using religion people in both areas of the globe mentioned, use religion to their advantage toward power of the people (of that religion). These powers they obtain reflect toward the social heirchy of their area. One example, (in ancient east asia) of this is confusiasm- in which all ages and women are superier to the man above. Female power was limited if at all no even recognized, and this could be seen and read in both of these areas. Males were seen as the main focus of importance in “success of an empire”. For instance, the Daoist contained the fundimental success in males as women…show more content…
For many of the ancient East Asian social orders, for example, the main condition for Legalism included a higher king, which showed power within the set of rules, regulations, punishments, and rewards. Similar the other ancient east asian religion of confusionasm, used superiors of which also used obedience with punishments, to promote motivation and strict obedience of control. With the ancient middle eastern section the main form of control was faithfulness in religion, laws of god, and uniting in control of advancements in cultural enhancements. One form of illustration of this preferance is of the religion of Xoroastrianism. Here they used the idea of monotheism, and their power of control lied in which it was necessary to choose in life between good and evil; for your own faith. The god Ahura Mazda, saw everything, and he could control all- this send fear and strength of protection toward the people. In similar relationship, we could examine the religion of Judiasm, in which they used the laws of the Ten Commandments, to organize and set control within the people and obtain a hierchy of later a king; which like our modern american president was the main decision maker at the end. A third relation from the middle east like confusism in a way, promoted the standard of achievements and that education is the key to moral treatment of success, and understanding of life no matter what religion you are

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