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Around the world about ~896,200 people have Huntington disease. Huntington disease is a fatal genetic condition though some patients Survive many years. when the symptoms of Huntington disease begin, the patient might live 2-30 years. Huntington disease is an abnormal gene that damage the brain cells. Although the scientists don’t find the cure, they find a treatment that decrease the symptoms. The patients of Huntington disease may be adult or children. However, known Huntington disease nature, affects on adult vs children, treatment for its symptoms may lead to the cure. Huntington disease (HD) is a genetic, neurodegenerative and developed brain disorder that effect the nervous system slowly. Huntington disease is caused…show more content…
Juvenile Huntington disease “is characterized by onset of signs and symptoms before 20 years of age”. However, the symptoms differ according to patients’ age. Both adults and children nerve cells die because of the effect of Huntington disease. Similar to the adults, children have difficulties in movements. For example, the patients may not be able to do their usual activities by themselves. though they are not completely paralyzed, they still need the help from the others. Adult patient may have problems that involve behavior changes and dementia. An example of behavior changes, the patients have less energy than the normal, they can’t take care of themselves, and they get depressed. An example of dementia (1). On the other hand, children may have problems that involve epileptic seizures (2) and bradykinesia. For instance, Juvenile Huntington disease patients movements are slower than the normal children. In short, adults and children patients could be similar, but they have some differences. However, even though Huntington disease may be more common between adults, there might be possibility to affect the others no matter what their age

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