Similarities Between Ancient Greece And Mesopotamia

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The modern world has many influences when it comes to government, religion, architecture etc. Many have come from Greece, Asia, Rome, but many including major influences in religion and government, from Egypt and Mesopotamia. Now these two civilizations both are extremely different in their views, religion, even location, but there is also a lot of similarities between the two. Mesopotamia, among other achievements, was the first recorded civilization in the history of the world. The first recorded mention of Mesopotamia was on a pictographic script found that dates back to the 4th century b.c.e.(The British Museum). The reason Mesopotamia and most other early civilizations survived and flourished was because of location. This civilization found its roots in the delta that is formed by the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. The soil was incredibly fertile, the weather was mild, and there were no enemies threatening their survival. All of these traits equate to a very steady growth in population and culture.…show more content…
In this case, they were the first to record their religion. Now, they were not the first to have religion and practice it, no they were simply the first civilization to record it. The religion of Mesopotamia consisted of 3 main beliefs and many minor ones. First they believed the world is a flat disc that was surrounded by vast space and is encompassed by heavens. Second Mesopotamians believed that water was all around them top, bottom, and sides. Third and perhaps most important was they believe that the universe was born from the waters. The burial rites were very similar to today also, the deceased were wrapped up in reed, and placed into a

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