The Venue-Personal Narrative

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I remember the first show me and the guys loading in our equipment through the back door of the venue. All of us acting like we were not as nervous as a gazelle being chased by a lion not knowing what was on the other side of the wall blocking our view of the stage and the rest of the venue it's self just wondering how many people are out there or if they were even going to like the music we have been working on all this time to get us to this point. We finish loading in and walk through the door separating the stage load in and venue and see the crowd of people moving about the area like waves in the ocean during the storm. Wandering again how many of theses people have come to hear the music we have been writing day in and day out for the past couple of years.…show more content…
This would help us make a good impression leading to more shows and a bigger pay out in the future. We wait with anticipation watching the other bands perform and how the crowd was reacting we notice not everyone in the crowd is up there while the bands are playing . Then they announce us it's our time to jam and you can see the crowd shifting from the front to back. As we load in we start to see a small gathering of the people that we initially invited plus a couple more adding up to about thirty or so which is nowhere near the amount the other bands had there. So we played on just hoping we would start to draw a bigger crowd and only a few more joined .We play our last song and return to the crowd as the headlining band loads in.We look up and boom we notice a huge crowd swarming the stage and we look to each just wondering how they pull it off knowing the fact that they haven't been doing this much longer than we have. Donavan Pavlas The next day we start calling around trying to find ways to promote our next show which is only a few weeks away. We contact every band we know asking them what they do to promote

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