Compare And Contrast Christianity And Judaism

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Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ, who was crucified on the cross in A.D. 30 in Jerusalem. The Holy writing for Christianity is The Bible. Christians are monotheistic. Jesus taught the love of God and neighbor and a concern for justice. The missionaries have caused Christianity to spread throughout the globe. Judaism was founded by Abraham, the hebrew leader, around 2000 B.C. The Torah is what they follow. It is the first five books of Moses. Like Christianity, Judaism is also monotheistic. To Jews, actions are more important than beliefs. There are three main types of this religion, Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. Orthodox are the most strict of the three. Conservative follow traditions but not as closely as Orthodox. Reform is…show more content…
Christianity and Judaism both believe in Jesus Christ. However, Christianity believes that he is the savior, the God in flesh, and the Messiah. As for Judaism, they believe that he was a good teacher, perhaps even a prophet, but do not believe he was the Savior or the Messiah. Muhammad, who was born in A.D. 570 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is the founder of the Islam religion. Islam is monotheistic and their book they follow is The Koran. Their 5 main duties are profession of faith; prayer; charitable giving; fasting during the month of Ramadan; and pilgrimage to Mecca at least once. About 90% of muslims are Sunnis and the second largest group are Shiites. These groups split with Muhammad died in 632. You will mostly find them in the middle east, Asia, and the north of Africa. Hinduism has no founder but it is the oldest religion. It may even date back to prehistoric times. These people are polytheistic. They have many gods and goddesses that are all tied to one supreme being. The most ancient writing of their religion are the four Vedas. They believe in reincarnation. Their life is ruled by the laws of Karma, in which rebirth is decided by moral behavior. Hinduists believe in different things. Some believe in many gods, some believe in one god, and some believe in no gods. More than 80% of India’s population are

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