Alexander The Great Flaws

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Alexander The Great, was an outstanding military commander, but many of his flaws keep him from being considered a great king. Macedonia begins rising in power. This began because of Philip II, Alexanders Father. Philip II decided he needed to improve his military. He Lengthened the traditional spear into a long pike called a Sarissa, and he lightened their armor and shields. This increased his soldiers mobility and offensive capabilities. This turned Macedonia into the greatest military power of the Greek world.“Alexander the Great Invades Persia: 334 bce”n.pag.)Alexander had many influences on his learning.He was influenced by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle.He believed he was a god. On the day of his birth the temple of Diana in…show more content…
She herself claimed descent from Achilles, hero of the Trojan War and central figure of Homer's Iliad”. Alexander set out to conquer the world. Alexander begins his military campaign.Alexander had to combine Greece into 1 power. He had to get rid of old enemies, the Thracians and the Illyrians.. Alexander ended the Greek revolts before he he began conquering. Forced to execute several pretenders to his throne. Alexander takes over the Persian empire.Alexander assembled an army of fifty thousand and crossed the Hellespont. Alexander met the Persian emperor Darius III the first time at the battle of Issus.He drove Darius away but captured his family and made them into his hostages. He travels south into Egypt and creates his first city called Alexandria. Would become a center of trade and learning in the ancient Mediterranean region.He spent three years attacking and defeating darius, but finally he was murdered by his own men.Alexander begins to combine his Greek beliefs with the eastern ideas of god-kings. Troops begin to question his thinking.Alexanders goal was to merge greek and Persian cultures together.Married a persian women named Roxane, and gave ten thousand men persian wives.Forced his men to bow to him like a
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