Democracy Is In Recession By Sayyid Qutb

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Islam is a religion that is often misinterpreted by many. This misinterpretation happens because of radical Islamism’s who take the Quran and twist it into something it is not. Using the Quran as leverage for terrorist attacks is just one key component of the ideology. Radical Islam thinkers such as Osama Bin Laden, and Sayyid Qutb demonstrate the ultimate component of the ideology by completely attacking the Western civilization, and oppose everything it represents. In Qutb’s book, he states that democracy has been proven to not work in the Western world, therefore Islam are completely against the idea. Another main idea of Radical Islam is when Qutb says that the world today is in a state of “Jahiliya”, which means that the world has separated…show more content…
Rather, it is the Quran that sets all the rules and standards, by which the individual must follow. In the article, “Democracy is in Recession” author Thomal L. Freidman gives perfect examples, which reflects he notion that radical Islam can never be democratic. One example he includes in his argument is the Turkish president, Erdogan, and how he always discusses liberty, yet at the same time he is imprisoning journalists if they have an opinion on Islam. Also, Erdogan has absolutely no tolerance for Jews, and has a huge source of anti-sematic troops. This goes to show that even with an attempt of democracy, the roots of Islam will always prevail and take over, and the democratic doctrines will fade away. Another example from the article shows that even if the people elect leaders, they generally will not leave their leadership position, and portray themselves as an absolute leader. History speaks for itself in this case. Radical Islam and Democracy will never coincide with one…show more content…
America is not just all white males, although sometimes that is how it feels. Feminism perfectly shows how we live in a nation that identifies itself as a democracy, yet there are so many flaws in the system, which in return display the huge inequalities amongst citizens. Most people think that Feminism is just a bunch of females hating males. This is certainly not the case. Feminism is about creating equality amongst men and women, and eliminating and barriers that prevent it. America can start creating a notion of equality by first making equal wages amongst men and women. For well over 200 years, men have always been paid more than women no matter what the job is. According to the article “Half a Century Later, Mad Men's Peggy Olson Is Still Waiting for Paycheck Fairness”, Mad Men star, Olsen discusses how the current day reflects on the show’s era, the 1960s. Today, women earn 78 cents four every dollar a man earns, and the number even lowers for minority females. Hispanic women make 56 cents per male dollar, and African American women make 64 cents per male dollar. The wage gap issue has been going on for years, yet for some reason there is little to no progression. Even Olson states that she does not get paid the same as her male co-stars. In order for America to achieve any kind of equality, there first needs to be the basic human right of equal wages for

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