Arguments Against Physician Assisted Suicide

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Physician Assisted Suicide, the right for a doctor to administer a patient’s death, is becoming extremely known internationally. Many places are even considering whether to make it legal or not. Many people are deciphering about whether it is right or wrong; they do not know which to believe because they see two different sides. Many people believe Physician Assisted Suicide is a personal decision; however, it is wrong from a moral, biblical, and a doctor standpoint, and it should not be made legal. Morally, Physician Assisted Suicide is completely unacceptable and wrong. Life is precious. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, not to be stopped by one. Death does not only involve oneself; it involves others. When death occurs, it affects the lives of those close to the person: family, close friends, and acquaintances. Suicide, in general, is a sad occurrence, and it has always…show more content…
Many things can prevent suffering. Relationships with people can help with suffering. Nobody wants to watch another person suffer until death. However; miracles can happen every day. People overcome “impossible” medical conditions. Doctors are not always correct about a disorder or condition. Even if they are correct, new inventions and cures can still be made. Scientists could potentially find a cure for cancer. Physician Assisted Suicide does not terminate suffering; it hands the suffering to another person. While in time of suffering and pain, many make decisions based on the fullness of his or her life. It causes a person to give up easier than he or she normally would. Many people claim they just want to die with dignity which is their reason for choosing Physician Assisted Suicide. While everyone wants to die with dignity, nobody wants to die by giving up. To terminate one’s life by choice means giving up on potential cures, family, friends, experiments, and life in

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