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Sojourner Truth, also known as Isabella Baumfree, was a popular figure in African-American history. She was an abolitionist and women’s right activist during the Civil war. She was also known for recruiting black troops for the Union army. Sojourner Truth is recognized for her beautiful speech entitled “Ain’t I a woman?” Truth is a significant hero and is always remembered for her determination and her fearless tongue to fight human rights. Sojourner Truth was born in the year 1797 in Swartekill, New York. She was born as a slave along with her family of fourteen. The Baumfree family were owned by Colonel Hardenberg. The location where she grew up was controlled by the Dutch influencing her family and her to fully speak Dutch. Later in the years, Colonel…show more content…
She improved conditions during the war and worked at the hospital during the war. Truth also wrote an song entitled “The valiant soldiers”. This helped and supported the soldier to remain strong during this war (“Sojourner Truth Biography”). After the Civil war, Sojourner Truth works with Freedman’s Bureau to help slaves create new lives as free men and women. In the year 1867, Sojourner Truth created her own program to help slaves. However, since many slaves were suffering from poverty, Sojourner tries to create jobs for them. She even asks the congress to give some of the slaves land for them to farm. He rejects. She was still stubborn to help these slaves(“The Crusade of Sojourner Truth”). Even though Sojourner Truth was very strong she faced through a lot and had several health issues. Sojourner Truth was nearly deaf and blind, she also had an infection of sores on her legs. She was treated in Battle Creek, Michigan. Sadly, the treatment did not work and died on November 26,1883 at the age of 86. She was buried alongside with her family. Over an thousand people came to her funeral to honor her (“Sojourner

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