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I am reading California by Edan Lepucki. I am on page 110. This book is mainly about a couple that seeks refuge in the woods after the collapse of society. Natural disasters, protests, complete economic collapse, and scarcity of oil have created Los Angeles and other major cities into breeding grounds corrupt people. The couple, Frida and Cal, must live in the woods of California to escape the devastation. To analyze the chapters I have read, I will use the active reading strategies of questioning and predicting. I will start by questioning. The big question is why does August refuse to tell them more? If he does tell them, wouldn’t that ease their thirst for more information? In the novel, there is a man named August who travels around in the woods…show more content…
He trades with Cal and Frida, but tells them not to follow him or explore because even the woods are a hostile place. Cal and Frida want more information on the other people that August trades with, but he refuses to tell them. Why does August refuse to tell them more? Wouldn’t telling them ease their thirst for more information? I believe that August is holding back information because he is afraid that Frida and Cal will cause a disturbance in the woods, thus affecting his business and trade. The one thing he has told them about others is that they wish not to be disturbed. This is a possible way for August to attempt to stop them from attempting to try and find out. The one family that Frida and Cal lived near was the Millers. The Miller family is dead, but when they were good friends with the couple, Cal was told that there was a group of

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