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Homer and Virgil were ancient authors who wrote two of the greatest epic poems in history; the Iliad and Aeneid. These masterpieces are composed of many different aspects that make them unique. These aspects included having limitation on roles of the heroes and gods and goddesses, the different point of view on what a hero is, the heroic code, and the different subjects within each epic. The works were both presented a world filled with gods and goddesses, and heroes fighting remarkable wars. Homer presented a more brutal and lawless perception of both its gods and heroes in the Iliad. Virgil the author of Aeneid tried to progress his work by demonstrating both gods and heroes in a moral way than Homer. Some scenes presented in Virgil’s…show more content…
Virgil’s main idea in the Aeneid isn't the epic’s heroes, but about the city of Rome, how it became a city and characteristics and traits of a Roman citizen and leader. The difference between the works of Homer and Virgil shows a different point of view on what a hero is. They focus mainly in the fate of the hero or main character. Fate at times is highly influenced, and can be manipulated by magical and supernatural powers of the gods themselves. The Iliad illustrated both the bravery and the danger during the war, Virgil’s Aeneid explains that in a clear and political purpose. Virgil wrote his epic to glorify Rome’s conquest of the ancient world and legalize the ruler Caesar Augustus. The Romans and the Gods adopted to the philosophy and culture from the ancient Greeks into their civilization, using the best the ancient world had to offer and adapting it to so they can justify on their own as keepers of a worldwide empire, so did Virgil adopted to Homer's style and themes into his own work. Virgil was clearly influenced by Homer. The comparison of the epic used as a uniting mythical foundation myth stylistic comparisons

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