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Topic: What are the strengths and the weaknesses of “An ideal teacher”? How to improve it? An Analysis “An ideal teacher” “An ideal teacher” essay focuses on who is an ideal teacher for English language learners, native or non-native teachers. Although it is a quite good essay, it still has some drawbacks. This essay will discuss the strengths as well as weaknesses of this given essay while suggesting some ways that can be taken in order to enhance this essay. It is undeniable that the essay has many strengths which readers need to learn to improve writing skills. First, it is an academic essay because it has reliable references and examples. The author summarizes and paraphrases the idea from online journals and article journals, which is…show more content…
First, the essay does not have a good format because the introduction and conclusion are imbalanced. The introduction only has five sentences whereas the conclusion contains twelve sentences. Besides, the thesis statement of the introduction is not clear since the author only gives a general question and does not tell obviously what will he/she discuss in the body. Also, the first paragraph of the body does not have the topic sentence, so it makes readers confused about its main idea. In addition, some paragraphs have some sentences which do not support the main ideas. For example, paragraph two discusses native teachers’ characteristics but sentences five and six of it mention the unequal treatment between native and non-native English teachers. Moreover, the conclusion is not clear since it contains the ideas which are referred on the body paragraph. Furthermore, although the essay has many ideas, the author does not give examples to make clear his/her own ideas. The readers can see it in paragraph three when discussing teachers’ characteristics the writer only give his/her own ideas, does not explain or gives particular examples for it. He/she also does not use many complex grammar structures as well as various vocabularies. The essay is mostly use simple structures and basic words such as “Different teachers have different personalities”,…show more content…
First and foremost, he/she should adjust the length of the introduction and conclusion to make it equivalent. Besides, the writer needs to rewrite the thesis statement obviously about the main ideas he/she will discuss in the body paragraph. Also, he/she needs to rewrite the topic sentences of it paragraph to help readers know exactly what he/she will mention, chooses and organizes the argument appropriately to support the main idea. Moreover, the writer needs to separate the last paragraph into two paragraphs at line twelve. The first paragraph is an ideal teacher’ characteristics and the second paragraph is the conclusion. When discussing each idea, the writer needs to give some examples or explanations to make it obviously and convincingly. For example, when saying that non-native teachers can teach students learning strategies more effectively, he/she should give some examples of the particular ways which they use. Last but not least, the writer needs to use more and more complex grammar structures and various vocabularies so as to make it become an advanced essay. In short, the essay has many strengths but also has some weaknesses. The author uses several references, some complex structures, and many transitional words. However, the format is not good, the conclusion is not clear and the example is not given enough to support ideas. Although the essay has some weak points, it seems to be a quite good essay and

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