American Tail: The American Dream

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An American Tail gave us the mouse-shaped American Dream of no cats existing in America and the streets being paved with cheese. While the American Dream is no children's movie, the idea behind it—the achievement of safety and prosperity—exists for everyone. Some people are successful at achieving the American Dream; in the past, government and big businesses could serve as both providers and enablers for the opportunity. Today, we are fortunate if either of these groups can consistently provide any real opportunities, and if they can, they certainly are no longer capable of enabling it for others. Being open minded and a forward thinker can play a big role in whether there is success in pursuing the American Dream or not. Carl Sandburg’s “Chicago”…show more content…
In Upton Sinclair’s piece, The Jungle, “men and women and children bending over whirling machines” (4) along with “mass of fertilizer from head to feet” (5) shows the laborers were working really hard and sacrificing their physical health such as “ears [from] filling solid” and “breathing their lungs full of fine dust” (4). These laborers didn’t have the energy and the space to dream big and think forward. Neither did the workers in “Child of the Romans.” In the “Child of the Romans,” it shows the shovelman going through the difficulty of making sure the train ride is comfortable for the public. They didn’t have the chance to take time for themselves. In Carl Sandburg’s poem, it states how the “dago shovelman” was making sure “the roses and jonquils shake hardly at all in the cut glass vases” and “standing slender on the tables in the dining cars” (1). The shovel man is so engrossed in his job of making sure the train is comfortable and not a bumpy ride that he is challenging the idea of open-mindedness. He can’t see or hear the commodity and commotion going around him. The time he has to himself is to eat his lunch which is “bread and bologna”compared to the “strawberries and cream, eclairs and coffee” (1). The train riders are eating all this fresh fruit and desserts while the shovel man is eating packaged meat and…show more content…
By looking at the “Chicago” poem by Carl Sandburg it states how, “here is a tall bold slugger set vivid against the little soft cities” (Sandburg 1) and described the city as “Fierce as a dog with tongue lapping for action, cunning as a savage pitted against the wilderness” (1). Sandburg is trying to make the point that Chicago is the hub because of our geographical placement, transportation, farmland around us, and access to the Atlantic Ocean. The Chicago Fire occurred and everything was burned down except the Water Tower. Chicago now is the 3rd largest city in the United States. We used the pillar of Open Minded and Forward Thinking getting us where we are now. We built the whole city up again and because our sense of belonging to a particular group with the same national identity we are where we currently are. We started as a group of people with immigrants coming in hoping to have a better life. In Obama’s speech it states, “This is where I learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved and they get engaged, and they come together to demand it” showing how change happens when everyone comes together because they are working for something they believe in or they see as a possibility (1). Looking at Crevecoeur’s piece, What is an American, Americans came over “leaving behind him all his ancient

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