How Did Women Change In The 1920's

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In the 1920’s, women experienced drastic changes pertaining to what is and isn’t socially acceptable. With their recently discovered freedom, women started expressing themselves; they changed the way they dressed, acted, and did what society didn’t expect. Though the reasons why this feminist revolution occurred is still debated. The fundamental cause of this change was World War One. World War one drastically reversed the basic family unit and how a family should function; women acquired jobs, allowing them to buy and provide money for their families, women proved that they deserved the right to vote, and created a society where they could get a higher education. Though the causes of this change can be viewed in many ways, the economic, political,…show more content…
Because of women’s relentless effort during World War One, and the governments deferring of women’s suffrage, suffrage rallies gained energy throughout the country. At a suffrage movement in 1915, posters in support of a civilian referendum to allow women to vote, the poster articulated the effects of war on women, “Who shares the cost of war? Who keep shops and schools and work in factories while men are in the trenches?” (NPS). Suffrage movements continued building on the momentum of the war. Though President Wilson initially ignored the protesters, in February of 1917 women protested down Pennsylvania Avenue - outside the White House - bringing the issue directly to the president. The presidents punished the protesters, “Resulting in many women arrested and jailed for their efforts. Word of the brutal treatment of protesters in prison, including force-feeding” (NPS). the treatment of the protesters generated mass resentment from American citizens, and on August 18th, 1920, the 19th amendment was ratified thus allowing both genders to vote in public elections. World War one became a platform for which women used to gain strength in their fight for more rights, respect, and community

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