Airtel Rivalry

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4.2.2 Rate of competitive rivalry faced by the telecommunications organizations Competition is assessed with reference to the markets in which organizations must compete robustly for sales. Each organization endeavors to acquire and retain market share at the expense of their rivals. Organizations use tactics such as low market prices, quality products and brand recognition to give their customers the greatest value for their money. The analysis about competitive rivalry was disseminated and presented through statistical tabulations as shown below. Table 4.2: Rate of competitive rivalry Responses Frequency Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent Very High 6 50 50 50 High 4 33.33 33.33 83.33 Not sure 0 0 0 83.33 Low 2 16.67 16.67 100 Very…show more content…
All the respondents from Safaricom agreed that the company uses a combination of differentiation and focus strategies to cope with the fore of competitive rivalry in the market. The respondents from Telkom Kenya (Orange) agreed that the company us a combination of differentiation and focus strategies to compete in this competitive environment. Airtel is the most versatile organization in the industry as it uses a combination of all the strategies in almost equal…show more content…
50% of the respondents strongly agreed that these organizations adjust their prices to match market prices in order to avoid being singled out as the expensive service providers in the industry. 50% of the respondents also agree that focus strategy is a popular tactic to ensure customer retention while 41.7% strongly agreed that focus strategy is mostly used. From the results, keeping low prices is not a particularly popular strategy as the results were fairly well spread on the levels of agreement. The use of differentiation strategy to ensure customer brand loyalty is a popular strategy with 41.7% of the respondents strongly agreeing. However, an undeniable 16.7% of the respondents strongly disagreed however on the use of this strategy to combat the threat of new market

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