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For my participant observation report, I decided to observe an environment that was busy and one that had multiple interactions going on, so I chose to observe how people behave in the gym. My focus will primarily be on those playing basketball to be a little more specific. I have been going to 24 Hour Fitness for years now and I regularly work out and play basketball there. The location I chose is the one located on 249 and Louetta Road which is located on the north side of Houston. The Louetta location is usually always crowded, and there is always a wait for basketball. There are always ten players that are on the court of each game since it is a five versus five person game and there are always about fifteen to twenty people that are waiting…show more content…
This in turns help create a more organized system of who had next, however there does not seem to be any names on that board and I do not think anybody even really writes their name on it, and from what I have seen so far, it seems that if you would like to play, you are going to need to verbally call out “I got next”, unless of course somebody calls you out and picks you up for their team. Although it does not seem like anybody follows the system that 24 Hour Fitness had setup, I am sure it is really not a big problem, as players tend to grow tired and stop playing which frees up available spots for those who had been…show more content…
So while playing, I had noticed that each team would usually have about one or two lead player who were scoring most of the points, therefore playing the most or as some would call it “Ball Hogger” or “One Man Team” while the other opponent team would have some team work and would rely on passing to whoever the open player was. I had also noticed that when a team is being lead by one or two of the players’ that team would end up being the one that loses the game. Which so happened, that the team that I was playing with was very good at passing, while the other team we played against was being lead by only two

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