Capitalism Vs Imperialism

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There are different forms of government, and people have different opinions of which form is right. There is capitalism which is an economic system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private business owners for profit, rather than by state (Lintner Sept, 11). There is socialism, which is an economic system based on government control over the economy and equal distribution of wealth (could still be a democracy) (Lintner Sept, 11). And communism, which is an economic and political system based on one party government and state ownership of property (dictatorship) (Lintner Sept, 11). Capitalism is the best form of government for three reasons: People need freedom, it contributes to the economy, and allows people to have…show more content…
One way that capitalism can spread is through imperialism. Imperialism is a stronger power taking over a weaker power for economic, political, military, or cultural reasons. Sometimes when a country gets imperialized by another, that other countries’ beliefs gets spread into their country. If a communist country gets imperialized by a capitalist country, there's a chance that capitalism will spread into that country. This is good because the people can go from a position where they are unwilling forced to agree with and follow every law enforced, whether it’s justified or not, to a position where they’re allowed have a choice in how they live their…show more content…
For example, before President Woodrow Wilson was allowed to declare that the United States were joining World War 1, the action had to get passed through Congress in order to confirm. To add to this, many Americans were in support of joining the war. In fact, “In response to the rise in patriotism, many Americans volunteered for military service” (Zuber 3). Another aspect in which capitalism has a role in this is that if people didn’t agree with joining and supporting the war, the Constitution states that the American citizens are allowed to petition the government. During the time period of the war, the government asked many different industries to manufacture goods for the soldiers. If the business had no interest in doing so, they are allowed to refuse. In a communist country, the government can force a business to produce the goods whether they wanted to or

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