Essay On My Journey To Become A Teacher

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“The beauty of learning is that it can make you feel that you belong to the world. “ Learning is the key to success. A lot of people believed in that quotation. It’s true though because in learning we can gather resources and information. It can let us express our own ideas, our own understanding and opinions. And also, it could help us to cope up with the world as it changes. In this connection, as a future educator we need basis in which we pattern our teaching. These bases are what we call as principles and theories. Through these, we could make our students understand and look at the world in different viewpoints. Because I believed that the main purpose of education is to connect the countries all over the world, to know every difference yet still be united. And as a future educator, I’m acting like a bridge towards every country in order to be linked together because that is the aim of education, to unite us as a whole. Education, therefore, will let us be knowledgeable of the different practices…show more content…
The principles that guide me through my journey in becoming a teacher are my knowledge of the subject matter, active involvement in the learning process, socialization skills, and lastly, my experience. My knowledge really helped me a lot in many ways. It is my foundation in order to become an effective teacher in the future. Without knowledge, I can’t be able to teach my students. For example is my experience in demo teaching, I realized that time that knowing the subject matter is really important, that moment, I am not prepared so it wasn’t as successful as I had imagined. And the second time, I studied my lesson well and I’m really happy that I delivered it smoothly. As what I’ve read, teachers who know their subject matter thoroughly can be more
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