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Hiring Process IMFA and Bharti Airtel Ltd A detailed analysis about the recruitment, selection and hiring process of IMFA and Bharti Airtel Ltd Hiring Procedure in Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys [IMFA] Facts About IMFA • Established in 1961 in Odisha • IMFA is India's largest, fully integrated producer of Ferro-Alloys with 187 MVA installed furnace capacity backed up by 258 MW captive power generation and extensive chrome ore mining tracts. • They are unique from the quality perspective due to comprehensive ISO 9001 Quality Management certification besides ISO 14001 Environment Management and ISO 18001 Occupational Health & Safety certification. • They are recognised globally as a reliable and cost-competitive producer with a particular…show more content…
Generally the recruitment of the company is done internally, that is the existing employee is given a priority over others. Procedures followed when a vacancy is identified: Sources of Recruitment Sources can be of two types: Internal Sources: Retired Employees Generally the organization takes the retired candidates for the employment due to obligation. Also a lot of times the company rewards loyalty to its retired employee’s by giving them job extension. Present permanent employees The company also considers its present candidates as its potential employees for other vacancies because they are easily available and trained to the organization’s culture. Also, it’s a policy of the organization to motivate its present employees. Internal Job Referrals The existing employees in the organization can refer other candidates for the vacancy that arises in Bharti Airtel. Also in case of emergency, referrals are quick in filling up the position. External Sources: Job centres: They are the agents which are present in most of the cities providing benefit to the employer by creating a job pool for them and to the candidates in finding the right…show more content…
External selection process: The candidate coming through external source has to undergo the below process. There are different elimination processes which the person has to undergo before final selection. Campus Selection: • Pre placement talks conducted to make candidates aware of the numerous opportunities the organization has to offer. • Application forms are floated to the interested candidates by the Camus Placement Committee. • Short listing of candidates is done on the basis of group discussions conducted on the campus as a part of the selection process. Group discussion facilitates the selection of candidates for the final round of interview. • Candidates qualifying the group discussions are interviewed in the final interview by the Business HR head and a member of the airtel management board. • The final results are intimated to the Placement Committee who then informs the selected candidates. Experienced Professionals: Telephonic Screening Telephonic process is the first step of selection process which is carried out by the trained recruiter. Through this telephonic screening the recruiter gathers basic information such as work history and salary requirements of the

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