Air Pollution Case Study

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1. Introduction Pollution is an unwanted change in the environment caused by the introduction of harmful materials or the production of harmful conditions (Botkin & Keller, 2014). Urban air pollution is basically the collection of pollutants created by cities ( Air quality in cities is the result of a complex interaction between natural and anthropogenic environmental conditions. Air pollution in cities is a serious environmental problem especially in the developing countries. The air pollution path of the urban atmosphere consists of emission and transmission of air pollutants resulting in the ambient air pollution (Mayer, 1999). Cities and urban corridors are sites of intense…show more content…
Air pollution is a significant factor in the human death rate in many large cities. Air pollutants can affect human health in several ways, depending on the dose or concentration and other factors, including individual susceptibility. Some of the primary effects are cancer, birth defects, eye and respiratory system irritation, greater susceptibility to heart disease, and aggravation of chronic diseases, such as asthma and emphysema. People suffering from respiratory diseases are most likely to be affected (Botkin & Keller,…show more content…
Conclusion Reducing the negative impact of human activity on the environment has gradually become one of the main priorities on the agenda of many cities. Various measures taken by local authorities in both developed and developing countries have been successful in tackling urban pollution, while at the same time addressing closely-linked problems of climate change and land degradation, improving the quality of life of citizens and boosting jobs and economic growth ( A recent World Health Organization (WHO) investigation into air quality in cities across the globe found that “half of the urban population being monitored is exposed to air pollution that is at least 2.5 times higher than the levels WHO recommends.” This means that there is a high probability of city-dwellers living in neighbourhoods breaching air pollution legal limits or recommendations, and yet air quality repeatedly fails to make lists of people’s major environmental concerns ( While most develop countries have put in measures to reduce vehicle emissions, in terms of fuel quality and vehicle emission reduction technologies, these measures are yet to be adopted in most cities in developing countries. ( An understanding of global atmospheric processes

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