Why Animal Experimentation Is Unethical Or Ethical?

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What if aliens landed on earth to do experimentation on humans? What if the aliens infected humans with a disease? I bet you would be scared as they injected, you with harmful diseases. One after another the pain would be unbearable. Then when the aliens have no use for you, and you serve no purpose, they cut you open for data. Aren’t you glad this hasn't happened, and we don't have to go through this? Then, why do you do this to animals, animals feel pain the same ways humans do? Animals feel like they're being abducted by another life form, and being experimented on. Animals feel pain like humans do physically, and mentally. But, it's fine it's not humans being taken from their families and injected with harmful chemicals. I wonder if that's how the aliens will think. Animal experimentation is one of the ethical issues of our time, and large-scale experimentation…show more content…
Scientist and cosmetic companies put animals through many tests that can cause these animal's injury. As a society, we would not want to endure this pain, then why to force these defenseless animals. Animals have emotions and feel pain. Animals suffering pain for human benefits are unethical. According to David Thomas, of animal experimentation is unethical," suffering, indeed lies at the heart of all morality. We have more codes precisely because we had adversely affected others"(animal experimentation is unethical 1). The Suffering of any kind is unethical, therefore, why cause it? Any testing done on animals cannot be justified. Any living organism should not have to endure unnecessary pain. Richard Preston, writer of the hot zone states "the experiments must that the sacrifice at the end of Time so that the research could be taken tissue samples and serve their bodies for any signs of infection" (the hot zone 149). animal's lives are not less valued than human lives. We all have Harts, why stop one at the cost of tainting

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