Kublai Khan During The Yuan Dynasty

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During the Yuan dynasty, China was under foreign rule for the first time. Kublai Khan named his dynasty as Yuan because it means "origin of the universe." It lasted from 1279 to 1368. The people of the empire got divided into four types: Mongols, Miscellaneous aliens, North Chinese (or Han people), and Southern Chinese. But Kublai Khan was tolerant of various religious groups. He supported Justice and fair laws. Kublai Khan has raised agriculture and his government was able to feed 30,000 poor people every day in the capital. He organized the farmers into groups of 50 families, called her. They worked on different projects like planting trees, irrigation, fishing and promoting silk production. They reward those who worked well and…show more content…
People made one payment to the government and government then paid the nobles. He encouraged his farmers to work on the extensions of the Grand Canal, to link the Yangtze River with his capital, on the postal system, and on the construction of palaces and temples. He made people provide quality labor, raise horses, and make necessary supplies. Both overland and maritime trades increased. Many foreign traders received a warm welcome to work for the Khan. Kublai Khan was the first to put on country-wide use of paper currency. The traders had to convert foreign metals into Mongol’s paper money when they crossed into China. At the same time when the Yuan dynasty ruled China, Mongols did not want to mix with Chinese people and tried to keep them separate, celebrating their traditional festivals and national events. Mongols did not assimilate and tried to stay isolated from the Chinese. But after 1279, Kublai Khan's rule began to weaken because of two very costly and unsuccessful attacks on Japan. To pay for it, he over-taxed the people and that leads to a number of economic problems. The Mongol rule degraded after 1294 when Kublai Khan died and a succession of Yuan dynasty became a

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