Essay On Computer System

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INTRODUCTION A computer is an electronics device that functions to store, retrieve and process data. This data is typically in binary form. Computers consist of hardware and software to help it process data. Software is a machine readable instruction that directs the computers processors to perform a specific operation. Hardware is more towards the physical aspect of the computer, mainly the components that the computer is made up of. Your average computer consists of the main CPU, monitor, mouse and keyboard. In a CPU you will find the main motherboard, processors, RAM or random access memory, CD-ROM, fan. Expansion cards such as video cards, sound cards, Bluetooth cards, and network card. The BIOS of the CPU depends on the components of the CPU. BIOS or BASIC INPUT OUTPUT SYSTEM is a personal computer's microprocessor uses to get the computer system started. When a computer is booted the BIOS is scanned. It manages data flow between the computers operating system. It saves important input and output programs. The BIOS connects devices such as mouse, keyboard, and monitor. The BIOS will run self-checking and system setting before fully…show more content…
The processor detail of this computer is Intel(R) Core™ i7-3682QM CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.1GHz. The installed memory is found in both BIOS and operating system which is 8.0GB. The BIOS version is provided in the BIOS whereas it is not provided in the operating system. The system type is provided in the Operating system but it is not provided in the BIOS. The system type is 64-bit operating system. The hard disk drive information is provided in the BIOS and in the operating system. The capacity of the hard disk drive is 750GB. The system date and time is also shown in the BIOS and in the operating system. The ME version, machine name, serial number and UUID is only shown in BIOS but not in the operating
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