Advertising In The Fashion Industry

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Statement of the Problem This research paper will discuss the different styles of advertisement, moreover, various factors affecting the advertisement sector in the fashion industry. It will also examine the most efficient way of advertisement. We will also consider the impact of different styles of the ad on society. Advertising plays a critical role in every phase of life and mainly formed to target the groups of consumers. It motivates the audience to buy the products. In addition to this, branding as a new term which has served to heighten the value of the advertisement. Advertising is relevant because it encourages competition and subsequently forms to compete so that the consumer can get best products and services which is beneficial…show more content…
An explanatory sequential mixed methods design will be used and it will involve collecting qualitative data first and then explain the qualitative results with in-depth quantitative data. In the first quantitative phase of the study, data will be collected by using questionnaire from the experts of advertisement which are working in the fashion industry of Canada to assess whether internal factors: product quality, brand image and budget affect the advertisement which is considered as the dependent variable. The second qualitative phase will be conducted as a follow up to the qualitative results which will help to explain the quantitative results.In this explanatory follow-up, the tentative plan is to explore the impact of internal and external factors affecting the advertisement sector of the fashion industry in Canada. Research Questions Based on the above focus of the study, the following research questions formulated for the present research. 1. What are the internal factors affecting the advertisement in the fashion industry? 2. What are the external factors affecting the advertisement in the fashion…show more content…
Openness to experience: It refers to the extent to which a person is artistic or self- reliant and depicts a personal preference for a variety of activities over a strict routine 2. Conscientiousness: A tendency to be organized and dependable are dutiful and achievement oriented. 3. Extraversion: People with a high extraversion dimension defined as social, outgoing, assertive, dominant, gregarious, interested in other people and positive 4. Agreeableness: People with a high agreeableness dimension defined as caring about others, altruistic, trusting, cooperative 5. Neuroticism: People with a high neuroticism dimension described as having negative characteristics, such as being anxious, self-conscious, vulnerable and experiencing anger, hostility and pessimistic

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