Queer Theory

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CHAPTER FOUR: RESULTS AND ANALYSIS 4.1 Difference between queer style and transvestism Transvestism is often associated with gay, transgender, queer style and many other forms. Transvestism in its most basic form is cross-dressing. In other words, transvestism is the form of dressing in opposite genders’ clothes. On the other hand, queer is a phenomenon that are reclaimed by the lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual members to refer to those individuals who contravene imposed norms of heterosexuality culturally as well as gender orthodox. Queer, in other words, can be referred to conflict towards the system of being normal. Even though it is considered as an abusive appellation when used by opinionated heterosexuals, most of the people have…show more content…
Historically queer was used for multiple purposes including identification of something strange or abnormal, as a colloquial, or as an abusive word for homosexuality. In theoretical form, according to Teresa de Lauretis, queer theory is the way that has been used to criticise identity-based gay and lesbian studies and defies the assumptions for theory and knowledge. Queer style is defined as an insight to the fashions of queer community by responding the clothing role that has been played in contemporary and historical lifestyles. Within the fashion industry, it analyses the sub-cultural context of dressing in the queer community and the messages that are signified for identity. Diverse styles are analysed that incorporate masculine macho 'clone, extreme styles of drag kings and drag queens effeminate pansy and lipstick and butch lesbian styles. Considering the shifts in the fashion design industry transvestism and queer style are two opposite concepts. It is not necessary that an individual whose cross-dresses belong to a queer community. For instance, Grayson Perry is an artist who admires cross-dressing but has no connections with queer style. He is married to Phillipa Perry and is famous for his…show more content…
Without innovation, Fashion Designing Industry is nothing but a stitching apparatus. Considering transvestism under this perspective, it has been offering Fashion Designing Industry with new ideas that had been required for ages. With a transvestic designer approaching for novel ideas working with history, this brings about major positive impact within the industry. Transvestic designers have been famous for bringing up bold yet advanced and novice designs, for instance, John Sutcliffe, Brian McCloskey and Isis King or Calvin Kline who promotes transvestism. A prevailing presentation is a chief method to gather appreciation of the aesthetic illustration

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