Pattymer Clothing Case Study

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Pattymer Clothing is a new apparel trading business concept that is an idea of two Entrepreneurship Major Undergraduates from University of Santo Tomas, Patricia Ramos and Merwin Chang. It is expected to start its operations on August 2018. The company will be using unit-based revenue model since it’s a retail business. The company aims to be a well-known retail brand just like the leading brands today namely, Forever 21, H&M, Cotton On, Uniqlo, Penshoppe, and Uniqlo. Revenue Streams The revenue model of Pattymer Clothing is going to be unit-based. We will generate sales by targeting male and female, those mostly come from high school and college students, and young professionals from class B, C, D in society. Also, sales of the physical…show more content…
60% said that they “randomly” buy clothes when it comes to frequency. The apparel trade industry doesn’t lose demand because people always have a demand for clothes. Our market survey shows that most of the respondents follow trends and are random buyers so this raises the opportunity to sell clothes that would answer to that situation. Our market survey showed that most of the trend followers follow formal and casual. Since we will be operating in Quezon City, we will reach more customers since the majority of the population in NCR is there. We will also put up an online store to reach out to more customers. This will provide us with unlimited opportunities to sell our items to a wider audience. We’ve conducted our market survey in which we are able to know the demographics and preferences of our target market. Taking on the…show more content…
The cost for materials is PHP20,000. For the equipment, it’s PHP30,000. For the licensing fees, it’s a total of PHP1,715 which includes the Barangay (200), Municipal (500), Regional (1,000), and documentary stamp tax (15). The estimated cost for the salaries is PHP11,250. The rent cost is PHP7,000. Then, the utilities is at around PHP10,000. Finally for the advertising and promotions such as flyers, online ads and endorsement, it’s at PHP 5,000. The total initial investment for starting up Pattymer Clothing is PHP79,965. This level of investment is attainable, and agreed upon by the proprietors of the

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