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Lexical difference between Egyptian Arabic dialect and MSA Name: Aisha Jumah Alqaidy ID: 201101805 1.Introduction The Arabic language is the most spoken language and spoken within the Semitic language group, and one of the most popular languages in the world .After all, Egyptian dialect is one of the Arabic dialects, Egyptian dialect understood by most Arabs. Many people face a problem when they want to learn something new like language also a different dialects an Arabic. I saw that have different reason why that is difficult first thing the pronunciation .An example in Modern standard Arabic the letter / θ / pronounced change an Egypt it will be /t/. However, Egyptian Arabic words can be transferred in one or more steps also more than one morpheme. For instance the Egyptian word “azyk” is transformed to two MSA words “kɑf ħalk” and it is mean an…show more content…
Consequently, I will focused on Egyptians because they unable to pronounce that utterance in Arabic Language modern standard characters, uniform lettering (θ, ð) Which requires to tongue out . 2. Literature review Through my research on the internet I did not see a lot of people interested to discuss this subject in the first study that I took have a lot information, which helped me to learn different changes between an Egyptian and MSA. Then, transferring Egyptian Colloquial Dialect into Modern Standard Arabic and that have many authors . Thus, it focused on the importance of Arab language and Modern Standard Arabic(MSA) is the official Arabic language taught and understood all over the Arabic world. this study attempts to look at the issue from different Deviation form in MSA. However, Written text slang ratio dramatically increases as a means to express their ideas, especially through the global communications network, and most of these were written in colloquial Egyptian colloquial

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