Reflective Essay About Rules

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There are a lot of kinds of rules and agreements in the world. For instance, to carry a gun is prohibited in Japan, while it is permitted in some countries. In addition, there are not only written rules, like laws, but also rules regarded to be natural to observe, like customs, say, keeping quiet in a library. We lead our daily lives by keeping these two kinds of rules; for almost everyone, to put it into practice should be as natural as to breathe the air. However, sadly, we often hear about accidents and affairs that seem to be attributed to someone violating a specific rule. That may be because a lot of people in the world do not know two important things concerning rules. Once, because I did not them, I made many classmates unpleasant and lost some of my…show more content…
I got to know that is why some of my classmates had avoided talking to me, and I began to be worried whether it was not enough just to keep to the rules loyally. At this point, thanks to her bitter words, I, who had looked on rules as necessary for a comfortable society since early childhood, was able to get hints to consider what keeping to the rules really means for the first time. My failure was that I had made many classmates unpleasant by forcing my selfish principle on them and consequently lost more or less some of my friends. Later, I came to know two important things. First, rules exist to protect people from danger. For example, the Road Traffic Law, which was amended recently, restrains us from crossing at a pedestrian crossing during the red light; however, the rule insures safety simultaneously when we cross during the blue light. Like this, a rule protects us as well as controlling actions of ours. Lots of people are likely to think rules to be just what limit our activities or freedom, so there are many shocking
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