Advantages Of Teaching Grammar

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It´s difficult: Grammar terms are unclear and confusing. They are diffi-cult to learn. It´s boring: For some students, grammar is the language equivalent of math. They get it the first time or not at all. For the ones who don’t, it becomes a chore. It´s stressful: Not understanding grammar makes children feel unfit, unmotivated and stressed. It´s not important: For the reasons above some methods avoid teach-ing it at all costs. There are two main approaches to teaching grammar. Both are effec-tive but, they are not for all students. The traditional method is successful but takes a long time. (Up to six years) The total immersion is much faster but is easier to forget. Use & Form is a way that integrates both of the methods to…show more content…
• They analyze important elements and patterns • Teacher reinforces the USE so pupils can integrate the new structure efficiently. How do you think grammar can help students learn a new language? What are the consequences of not learning grammar? The Use & Form must be visible at all times! Every learning process must have a goal. Write the goal on the board with the grammatical goal before the students arrive to class. When they do, read it together! “The Goal for today is to USE: should for recommendation. For exam-ple…” Use COGNATES to make the MEANING clear. Use TIME EXPRESSIONS to make USE clear. To choose an appropriate sentence you have to take into consideration the following: The grammar, structure and the practice of troublesome vocabulary Repetition! TTT= Teacher Talking time must be 1/1. No lecturing! We usually write on board while students just watch, play, etc. Some-times we read aloud for ourselves. This increases our TTT. State a sentence and have your students chorally repeat it while you write it. We learn through repetition. Label the important points and reinforce the USE. Elicit the most important elements and write the correct formulas under them. Reinforce the

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