A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Analysis

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Violence destroys the soul in a community, consisting of diverse humanity. Brutal and negative events have an increasingly large impact on a human’s personal, ordinary life. In the novel, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, Francie, the protagonist, faces a traumatizing event at the age of 14: an attempt of rape, witnessing a murder and loss. These traumatic events can impact someone’s innocent life intensely, as fear, sorrow, and trauma develops over a certain time period. Violent events she faces, illustrates an idea of hope and a sense of rebirth as Francie learns to deal with the bitter position. Francie’s confrontations illustrates endless hope, power, and rebirth as Francie adjusts her life in multiple dramatic situations. Repeated resistance…show more content…
In the novel, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, Francie’s father, Johnny, and Francie shared a relationship not all family members can understand. He was not the best father that a woman can wish to have, yet he was ideally in Francie’s eyes.in chapter 36, she finds out her dearest companion has passed. “Your father is dead,” she told them. Francie stood numb. There was no feeling of surprise or grief. There was no feeling of anything. What mama just said had no meaning.“ Deeply heartbroken, the loss of her father had a huge impact and left her alone and saddened for an excessive period of time. The memories they held swirled in her head and the realization hit Francie: he would never singing or being there came to life. In her lowest emotional state, life seemed to go astray, but somehow, it got better. Her change and outlook modified. Her change thoroughly represents excessive hope and moving on and facing tremendous battles in life as well as things occurring for a particular reason. Francie managed and had a capability of moving on and recognizing a chance of good still being found in life. This event portrays an idea of movement and a new beginning to Francie’s life even when facing the melancholy circumstances. The idea of regrowth yet perseverance was presented when the memory remained. She faced such a depressing event and managed to preserve and live life with only the happy memories

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