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U rRepublic of Yemen University of Aden Faculty of Education Department of English Effectiveness of Dramatization in Teaching Speaking on 2nd Year English Students’ Oral Proficiency in the Faculty of Education, University of Aden A proposal submitted to the department of English for the fulfillment of Master of Applied Linguistics By Amal Farhan Supervised by Dr.Khalid Al-Sabaee September , 2014 1.0 Introduction Speaking is the productive skill in the oral mode. It is more complicated than it seems at first and involves more than just pronouncing words. Along with the recent trend in the theory of teaching English to improve the communicative ability of the learners an interest in dramatic approaches has come as…show more content…
Wan Yee Sam talks about the communicative approach, drama techniques, value of drama in education, advantages and disadvantages (Sam,1990,p.25). Alan Maley and Alan Duff are classic sources for the benefits of using drama techniques, it helps to learn new vocabulary, builds confidence, motivates the students and helps shift the focus from the teacher to the students (Maley,1982). Drama is a special communication situation which makes considerable demands on the flexibility and skills of the teacher (Kao,1998,p.80). Morrow (1981) gave some guiding principles behind the use of the communicative activities. Susan Holden (1981) provided some definitions as what drama is and how it provides opportunities for a person to express themselves. Moreover personal nature of improvisation provides many outlets for self-expression. Due to the value of educational drama techniques ,this research will investigate the effectiveness of dramatization in teaching speaking on the second level English students in Faculty of Education/ Aden at University of Aden. By conducting this research, it hopes to contribute to increasing the value of using drama in teaching English as a Foreign Language. By virtue of this research and other studies that may target this important area of language teaching, it also hopes to increase the fluency and proficiency in English speaking skills…show more content…
The test booklet will include three papers: Paper 1 Reading and writing, Paper 2 Listening, and Paper 3 Speaking. For each session the participants will be asked to answer the questions in the specified answer sheets. Second, IELTS oral proficiency test will be administered to evaluate the student’s level of oral proficiency as a pre-test in both the experimental and the control groups. IELTS oral proficiency test will include three sections – an interview, a little speech and a discussion. It will include some questions about the participants’ life and education careers, family relationships, sports, jobs and favorite foods. The time allocation for this test will be 10 minutes for each pair of the participants and the maximum score will be 20. Third, the material for the treatment of the study will be prepared. Five lesson plans will be prepared to teach new items through drama activities during five sessions. The experimental group will be taught by drama activities in the form of drama, role play, drama game, simulation, improvisation ,mime and hot seating as a treatment. Finally, the researcher will design oral proficiency test to conduct as a post-test for the final measurement and evaluation. The test will be administered to both groups. It will contain three sections like the pre-test and will

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