The Pros And Cons Of Prenatal Testing

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As society advances, so does technology, and with that brings about moral complications. One type of technology, Prenatal Testing (PNT), is one of them. Unlike in the past, prenatal testing is becoming much more widely available, even for the general population. Prenatal testing allows for individuals perform non-invasive tests on a fetus and find any genetic abnormalities. As a result, increased abortions related to abnormal genes that may cause a child to have a disability are increasing. This has lead to a heated debate as to whether prenatal testing that leads to selective abortions is moral. Opponents of prenatal testing claim that aborting disabled fetuses sends a negative message to society and to the disabled community that having a disability makes life less worth living, thus harms the society and community by inflating biases against the disabled.…show more content…
Nonetheless, a suitable solution has yet to be found, as the arguments fail to completely address the issue. In this paper, I will discuss the topics of happiness in regards to disability, negative messages, identity, and lastly I will discuss findings when disabled people and those with loved ones are disabled are confronted with the dilemma. Prenatal testing does not always lead to abortion and its technology can also be used for parents who do choose to keep a disabled fetus to prepare for the future at an earlier stage. As a solution, it is not practical to ban prenatal testing, however providing more well rounded information, such as the use of data and information gathered from the experiences of those how have experience with

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