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How to work as a teacher of English for 4-6 grades The English language surrounds us in our daily lives moreover according to Lundahl (2014) approximately a third of world’s population speak English and about 375 million speak it as their second language. Thus, having knowledge of English increases the opportunities to participate in different social and cultural contexts (Skolverket 2011). Therefore, the teaching of the English language should aim at helping the pupils to develop knowledge of the English language and develop pupils’ confidence in using the English language in different situations and purposes (Skolverket 2011). According to Skolverket (2011) through teaching the pupils should be given the opportunity to develop all-round…show more content…
The teacher should though pronunciation. In addition, the teacher needs to include different varieties of English (Lundahl 2014). The teacher needs to take advantage the Critical Period Hypotheses when teaching English as a second language (Pinter 2006). However, language learners in a non-English environment have limited opportunities to practice the English language outside school. The teacher needs to ensure that learning English can still be a motivating and meaningful experience and need to have confidence and willingness to use the English language naturally in the classroom to achieve success in the EFL-classroom (Pinter 2006). Listening and speaking are the two main skills to learn in an EFL-classroom (Pinter 2006). The teacher has to be the main source of listening input, according to Pinter (2006), it is easier to listen to a teacher than to a recording. Furthermore, when it comes to listening, there are two basic sub-skills that competent listeners use, these are bottom-up and top-down skills. Therefore, teachers need to give pupils listening tasks that develop these strategies. In addition, when speaking to pupils the teacher may make language modification including using repetitions, comprehension and confirmation checks to avoid misunderstandings. However, after the pupils have been exposed to the English language through songs, stories, rhymes, and dialogs they will show the desire in wanting to interact with their teacher in English by using unanalyzed…show more content…
Moreover, the teacher in the EFL-classroom needs to think about how they can scaffold pupils’ language learning in the best possible way. In addition, the teacher need know how they can encourage pupils to use the English language in a meaningful way (Pinter 2006). To be a good English teacher you need to include listening, speaking, writing, and reading in your EFL-classroom and must plan your task and project according to your pupils’ age, interest, and abilities (Pinter 2006). Lastly, a good teacher needs to be the main source of motivation and should encourage its pupils to develop an interest in the English

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