Pros And Cons Of Hosting The Olympics

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1. I believe that Mbalula would prefer the Olympic Games as it is a more well-known and popular event. This would bring about a greater influx of tourists and therefore South Africa would not only receive more money from tourism, but would achieve a higher status as a country in the world. 2. The cost of the previous Olympics was $50 billion, around R542 billion, and it is estimated that the next Olympic games cost will only increase. The Olympic Movement will sponsor a portion of the money to fund the games yet an official statement by the president Gideon Sam said that “it is entirely up to the country to put in the kind of money it believes will showcase itself to the world.” I think there are both positives and negatives to hosting the Olympic Games in South Africa. The positives being that it would create many jobs for the unemployed, and it would also bring about a large amount of tourism which leads to more money coming into the country. However, I believe there are more negatives, and I think the negatives cause me to believe that South Africa should not in fact host the Olympics. The price of hosting the Olympics is so high, that I think that this money could be used rather to build homes and schools for the homeless. There are currently millions of young children who are uneducated, and millions of people who are…show more content…
A study done in 2009 showed that hosting the Olympics had a positive effect on national exports. The results found that these export effects were permanent, not temporary, and they were 30% higher for the countries who had hosted the games. This shows that the games do not only give temporary benefits, but they generated a permanent increase in trade between the rest of the world and the host country. This would benefit South Africa as she would have constant funds coming into the economy for trading fuels and minerals that are mainly found here, such as

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